The Citizen Observer Initiative Monitors the 2018 Yerevan Municipality Elections

The Citizen Observer Initiative was established in 2013 with a view to overseeing the national and local elections and referenda, as well as the comformity thereof with the domestic legislation and the international democratic standards. The website of the Citizen Observer Initiative is

The Citizen Observer Initiative has made considerable efforts in the area of raising the the substance of election observation to a new level, setting new election observation standards, raising the public interest in and awareness of electoral processes, stimulating public participation  in these processes, and introducing new culture of initiating processes of electoral complaints.

The fight againt corruption launched in the Republic of Armenia following the ‘velvet’ revolution, the scale thereof, and especially the pan-national inspiration stimulated by the above events have obviously diminished the risks of the incidents of electoral fraud, including vote buying, ballot-box stuffing, controlled and directed voting, etc. that had been in the arsenal of electoral fraudsters throughout the previous years in view of the fact that the Republic of Armenia has now stepped into a new phase of electoral processes and exercise of the right to free and fair elections.

In view of the aforesaid, the Citizen Observer Initiative will continue its efforts directed at the improvement of electoral legislation. In additiont to this, at this stage it launches a new format of election observation from the moment of appointment of elections until the legislative deadline set for electoral disputes or the end of such disputes. The observation will encompass the pre-election campaign, including access to resources, balanced coverage by the media, etc., election-financing, equality of political competition and the content thereof, the activities of other observation missions, political parties, candidates, their representatives and proxies, the electoral commissions, the legality and effectiveness of the mentioned activities, any unlawful interference with the exercise of the right to free and fair elections and issues related to the protection of electoral rights (in terms of instruments and the effectiveness thereof).

In the course of the observation of the snap 2018 Yerevan Municipality Elections the Citizen Observer Initiative will be composed of the human rights organisations Europe in Law Association and Helsinki Association for Human Rights.